Ask any entrepreneur about the importance of social media and they will tell you that it is vital to their business's existence.  
With the growing rate of users and social platforms,  every business today needs to leverage proper social media usage in the best way possible. 

How we can help...
  • Identify the target audience
  • Identify Business Goals & Targets
  • A dedicated social media account manager for 1 (one) account.
  • Your choice of any one (1) type of account: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Ability to view and request edits to content prior to posting
  • 5 posts published per week (once per day)
  • Images and graphics included on up to 3 posts
  • Responses to messages and posts, flag inappropriate comments (when applicable)
  • Engagement and analytics report, once or twice monthly (upon request)
  • Unlimited email and online chat support

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